3 Ways To Refuse To Take Criticisms Personal And Reduce Daily Anxiety

What happens to you when you get criticized? Emotionally, you may feel bad and get anxious and stressed out. When I am criticized, I begin to feel that all the other person sees are my mistakes and struggles. My sense of emotional balance gets disrupted and I begin to wonder about my abilities and values. I get nervous and anxious and doubt my ability to make take action and be successful. The more doubt and anxiety, I generate, the more conflict, I generate in my relationships. This used to be my pattern with criticism till I realized that I was taking criticisms personal. Do you what happened? I stopped taking criticisms personal and my anxiety level decreased while I began to achieve more consistent success in my relationships and endeavors. I and loving it and sharing it! Here are a few ways and strategies you can use to stop taking criticisms personal!

The first easy way to refuse to take criticisms personal is to improve your emotional balance. You can do this by accepting that our feelings change when others correct us, disagree with us or point out what they consider to be our faults or short comings. This is another way of saying that our emotions or feelings get disrupted when others criticize us. When this happens we can feel a lack of energy and disinterest in our work. We can feel irritated and anxious. Some people even develop severe headache and excruciating back pain. Once you accept that your feelings can change, you can adjust your response.

The second way is to recognize that the way we perceive interventions or criticisms from others can determine whether we feel we are being unfairly attacked or we are being supported lovingly. Have you ever been criticized? Criticism is one of those of annoying daily irritants that we all have to with. It is also one of those inside or outside adverse effects that can disrupt your sense of well-being or balance and become a recurring daily anxiety generator. When you consider your critic ill-informed and mistaken, it is easier to take it less personal. When you consider your critic a close friend and someone who should know better, it becomes more of a betrayal. The solution will still be to adjust your trust index!

The third way to deal with criticism and make less personal is change your think about the situation and how you think about the consequences of being criticized. At the end of the day, criticisms are a reflection of another person’s point of view or opinion. Instead of trying to completely figure out how can you avoid criticisms by doing everything within your power to become compliant with another person’s sense of what is right or wrong, focus on emotional the strategies that will help you convert daily criticisms into anxiety-free chicken nuggets. This is a strategy that will help you to retain your emotional balance and maintain your focus on becoming more consistently successful!

Don’t be too concerned about the opinions and views of others, because no matter how hard you try some people will not see any beauty in your ideas, your dreams or aspirations. Don’t let such views and opinions, cause you much anxiety that you are paralyzed to inaction. Opinions are not facts. At the of the day, criticisms reflect personal views and preferences, rather than mathematical fact.

When you look at your daily life as a garden, you have to realize that to maintain its beauty and integrity, you have to be able to get rid of the weeds of daily criticisms, while remaining motivated by the flowers and fruits in your garden to continue to remain consistently successful.

Source by Chio Ugochukwu

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