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Apptastic Mobile – An iOS Design Based Mobile Site Template

Apptastic Mobile is the best integration of powerful and easy to customise features combined with seamless and intuitive transition between Dark and Light Mode! Coupled with 6 perfectly balanced color highlights, Apptastic is certainly the Best Mobile product on Envato!

Homepages for Every Style

Apptastic aims to bring more possibilities to the table! This means that you can choose from various page design to make them your Homepage. The homepage is highly important because it is the first impresion your users see! Make it count and set the standard high with Apptastic’s Modern Designs!

Apptastic is highly flexible and navigations are no exeption. You can choose from a variety of options, including sidebars, modals, bottom or top navigations. However, we’ve noticed a high adoptability rate in footer menus! And now, Apptastic provides a beautiful, suggestive and non-intrusive footer menu suitable for all devices!

Creative, Copy & Paste Components

Apptastic provides a wide variety of components and many styles for each one of them to help you create even faster than before. Take a look at the full list of components below!

  • Ad Boxes
  • Add to Home Badges
  • Accordions
  • Action Sheets & Action Modals
  • Buttons & Icons with tons of Styles
  • Charts & Graphs powered by charts.js
  • Chips with Light and Dark Styles
  • Cookie Boxes and Consent Boxes
  • Content Boxes with Multiple Styles
  • Contact Form – Functional with AJAX
  • Dropdown Elements
  • Dividers
  • Fixed Footer Styles
  • Google Fonts – 1000 to choose from
  • iOS Header Styles with Multiple Layouts
  • Images Preloaded & CSS Backgrounds Preloaded
  • iOS Styled Headers
  • Link Lists
  • Notifications Styled like iOS, Android and Alerts
  • OS Detection – show content based on iOS or Android
  • Quotes and Review Elements
  • Preloaders
  • Pricing Tables insertable in Carousel/Slider
  • Snackbars & Toasts, with multiple styles
  • Sliders and Carousels, powered by enhanced OwlCarousel
  • Social Sharing with automatic link adding from the page you share
  • Search System, functional with any element finding options
  • Tabs designed like iOS and Android pills

App-tastic Galleries & Portfolios

Showcase your projects and products on a gourgeous mobile display with style. Want to show a pair of gorgeous thumbnails? Or maybe wide shots? Describe a portfolio item in full accuracy? Yes, Yes and Yes! We’ve got you covered!

  • Widescreen Galleries – 3 Caption Positions
  • Collection Galleries – Thumbnail Stacked
  • Views Galleries – Select your Category
  • Thumbnail Galleries – Squared and Rounded Thumbnails
  • 3 Portfolios in One Column View
  • 3 Portfolios in Two Column View

Multi Purpose Pages are Here for You

Apptastic brings a total if 147 Ready to Use Pages that wait for you to make them your own. Add your brand to Apptastic and create the best user interface with our pages. It’s faster than you may think!

  • About Us
  • Careers
  • Cover Page
  • Contact Page – Fully Functional
  • Coming Soon – Classic Styled
  • Coming Soon – App Styled
  • 404 Page – Classic Styled
  • 404 Page – App Styled
  • FAQ Page
  • Sign In / Login – Classic Style
  • Sign In / Login – App Styled
  • Sign Up / Register – Classic Styled
  • Sign Up / Register – App Styld
  • Forgot / Reset Password – Classic Styled
  • Forgot / Reset Password – App Styled
  • Coming Soon Page
  • Timeline – Left Aligned
  • Timeline – Center Aligned
  • Profile – iOS Styled
  • System Status
  • Task Progress
  • Under Construction – Classic Styled
  • Under Construction – App Styled
  • Terms of Service

App-Like Feeling

It wouldn’t be named like this if it wasn’t for the seamless experience Apptastic provides through its app-like pages! Walkthrough pages and Splash screens are also available to help you transform your website into a great online experience!

Apptastic Mobile is a Powerhouse

Your imagination is the only aspect that may put a stop to Apptastic’s powers! You can integrate it with all your ideas and finish your project ten times faster than before.

High Quality Support – Always Here for You

We take great pride for being known for our support! We love helping our customers achieve their final projects successfuly and you are no exception! We are here to help you with anything you may run into while customising Apptastic Mobile.


Version 2.1.1 – 14th May, 2020

- Bug Fix - Updated the Footer Menu version to resolve an issue where Snackbars, Toasts and other elmenets would show under the footer menu. To resolve, simply copy line 478 from custom.js to your version and the ending 4 lines from framework.css to your version.
- Bug Fix - Resolved an issue with Radio items not being selectable in component-inputs.html

Version 2.1 – 11th June, 2019

- Improvement - Checkboxes and Radios Updated
- Added - Notch Support for iOS Devices

Version 2.0 – 31th January, 2019

- Global - Added Footer Menu Version. Now Apptastic comes with 2 versions

Version 1.1 – 26th September, 2019

- Added - Add to Home Badges

support - Apptastic Mobile

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