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One Click Sample Data import added – 2020/04/09

BigBangWP is now fully compliant with the new 2020. requirements.

Samle data XML file

Low price till the end of world – only $19


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    Change log

    2.6 (Feb, 11, ‘20)

    • Fully compliant with the new 2020. ThemeForest requirements.

    1.9.1 (Apr, 5, ‘13)

    • Upload button in Brankic Panel fix.

    1.9 (Mar, 26, ‘13)

    • Fix for using both custom background and slider
    • Option to disable slider on portfolio items
    • Option in Brankic Panel for disabling responsive layout
    • prettyPhoto (lighbox) on smaller screens fix
    • Next page shortcode support on single posts

    1.8 (Feb, 05, ‘13)

    • Added title as alt attribute value on blog and portfolio page
    • Featured video fix
    • Fix for Disqus comments count style
    • Highlight shortcode (closing tag) fix
    • Another portfolio without hover option (pop-up image)
    • Video URL custom field accept and short YT – youtu.be
    • Vimeo video URL custom field accept https in URL

    Change log

    1.7.7 (Dec, 12, ‘12)

    • Brankic shortcodes fix for WP3.5

    1.7.6 (Dec, 08, ‘12)

    • Custom fields don’t vanish if quick edit is perform
    • Full width contact pop-up can’t scroll on mobile fix
    • Image distortion on pages on smaller devices fix
    • Portfolio item 404 error fix

    1.7.5 (Nov, 21, ‘12)

    • Slider fix (double navigation and external URL)

    1.7.4 (Nov, 19, ‘12)

    Change log

    1.7.3 (oct, 22, ‘12)

    1.7 (oct, 15, ‘12)

    • New shortcode button engine (should work on all servers)
    • Spacing issues on blog and category pages
    • New option – Hide number of comments if there are no comments
    • Portfolio single navigation only through same category
    • XSS issues prevented
    • Blog titles hover (color) bug fixed
    • Shortcodes fix for empty paragraphs
    • Facebook share pop-up z-index fix
    • No title gap fix
    • Update instructions you can find on our FAQ page https://themeforest.net/item/bigbang-responsive-wordpress-template/faq/2826493

    1.6 (sep, 29, ‘12)

    • Category page improvements
    • Blog pages fix for sidebar and number of comments
    • Portfolio thumb fix for extra large images
    • Portfolio single navigation only through same category
    • Slider width fix for pages with sidebar
    • Better solution for email from field in contact form
    • Fix for images with height attribute in blog posts
    • Removing image from blog pages if there is no featured image defined
    • Shadow issue on fixed menu in stretched version
    • CSS fix for contact full width map on small devices
    • Update instructions you can find on our FAQ page https://themeforest.net/item/bigbang-responsive-wordpress-template/faq/2826493

    1.5.2 (sep, 14, ‘12)

    • Fixed portfolio bug from 1.5.1
    • Fixed portfolio height fix
    • Full width contact page title fix

    1.5.1 (Sep 11, ‘12)

    • Featured image and slider can be shown on blog pages
    • Fix for full width blog pages on iPhone
    • Hide featured image is working on single posts
    • Pop-up video auto start is changed to false

    1.5 (Sep 09, ‘12)

    • Full width blog page (and blog single
    • Auto crop for portfolio layout
    • Full width contact page fix for iPhone
    • Some translation related issues fixed

    1.4 (Sep 03, ‘12)

    • Fix for Circle and Hexagon shape elements
    • Portfolio shortcode fix for deleted categories
    • Disable hover option for portfolio layout

    1.3 (Aug 27, ‘12)

    • Portfolio shortcode can use Blog categories now (not only Portfolio ones)
    • Blog posts with video will show video on featured image place
    • Extra images fix for portfolio items and posts

    1.2 (Aug 23, ‘12)

    • Show/hide pinned menu on scroll option added to Brankic Panel
    • Additional HTML option for portfolio single posts

    1.1 (Aug 19, ‘12)

    • Twitter feed with updates added to Dashboard
    • Twin slides option for portfolio items (suitable for portrait images
    • z-index fix for shortcode pop-up window
    • Fix for not closed tags in portfolio excerpts
    • Option for defining number of Extra images
    • Home page link in pinned menu fixed
    • Fix for iPhone resolution boxed version layout

    1.0.7 (Aug 17, ‘12)

    • iPhone portrait orientation layout fix
    • Portfolio bug on touch devices

    1.0.6 (Aug 16, ‘12)

    • Some minor changes in help file and photostream plugin.

    1.0.5 (Aug 15, ‘12)

    • default translation file added and fixed some translation issues
    • Latest post for home page added blog title and description
    • 2nd level submenu in pinned menu fixed



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