Clear Ray XL Replacement Bulb

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CLEARRAY UV-C Technology treats water with the power of nature-inspired ultraviolet light to neutralize water-borne pathogens. Ultraviolet light disrupts the DNA of bacteria and viruses. This process occurs in a small water-treatment chamber, away from bathers. All water from your hot tub circulates through this chamber and emerges clean and sanitized. The result is clean, clear, fresh water. Using the CLEARRAY Water Management System to sanitize your hot tub will save you money in other ways, too. Water treated with UV wavelengths of light needs less chemical treatment. You’ll be able to use about half the chlorine, bromine, or minerals. See the manual that came with your Sundance Spa. CLEARRAY XL Bulbs are manufactured by Sundance Spas for use in both Sundance Spas and modern Jacuzzi hot tubs that feature the Clear Ray sanitizing system. Made in USA.

EFFECTIVE SANITATION | The ClearRay Water Management System kills 99.9% of waterborne pathogens in your hot tub.
ECONOMICAL CHOICE | Each CLEARRAY XL bulb is rated to last one year under normal usage, keeping your bathers safe and your water clean, clear, and free of algae and bacteria.
SAFE FOR BATHERS | The ClearRay Water Management System is inside the circulation pipes of your Sundance or Jacuzzi brand spa. Water from your spa is drawn into the UV treatment chamber, naturally sanitized, then returned to the bathing area.
REDUCES CHEMICAL LOAD | Hot tubs treated with anti-microbial lights require fewer chemicals at lighter concentrations to sanitize and provide the same level of safe, healthy, and clear water.
GENUINE SUNDANCE PART | This CLEARRAY Replacement Bulb is made by Sundance, the same company that made your hot tub. It’s guaranteed compatible with all ClearRay water management systems in Sundance Spas manufactured after 2012. It is also compatible with most Jacuzzi brand Clear Ray systems made after 2012. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to