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New Feature: Multiple Navigation Skins

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New Feature: Multiple Color Skins

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ICO Listings Directory (Filters Included)

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Single ICO Page

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Crypto Tickers (4x Different Variants – Dark/Light)

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Crypto Candle Stick Charts

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ICO Animated Roadmap/Timelinesc

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2x Members Grid Layouts

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2x Pricing Tables

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Multi Steps Registration

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Want to create and incredible Complete Cryptocurrency ERP/Intranet platform? Sick of testing and evaluating templates? Choose the ONE completely versatile template you can use to create the website you need.

Permanently updated, with 24/7 reliable support and amazing features:

  • Multiple Dashboard Variants
  • Check Reports on:
    • Transactions
    • Mining Pool Shares
    • Top Gainers/Losers
    • Market Capitalizations
  • Add ICO elements :
    • Countdowns
    • Timelines
    • Progress bars
  • Filtered ICO listings
  • Currency Exchange
  • Member Profile
  • Members Lists
  • Live Crypto Prices
  • Tickers
  • Eye-catching Charts that are easy to implement
  • Events
  • Blog Posts
  • Multi Steps Block
  • Complete UI KIT
  • 600+ Google Fonts
  • Font Icons instead of images
  • Well documented
  • Various Custom Widgets and much more
  • Eye-catching CSS Animations
  • Permanent updates
  • Excellent Typography
  • Optimized for high speed
  • Fast and easy to use

In the case you made a purchase by mistake or for features that don’t exist:

We do not provide refunds for these sorts of mistaken purchases. Due to the nature of digital goods, it’s not possible to “return” them. Therefore, refunds can only be given for products that are broken, but this is not the case, as our theme has been reviewed and accepted by an Envato review team.

ModelTheme Users Group on Facebook

Getting in touch with the ModelTheme crew and also with other customers of the ModelTheme Themes was never so easy.

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Change LOG

=== Released v1.3 – 18-Apr-2018 ===

[NEW] - Navigation Skins (Background skins);
[IMPROVED] - JS Custom Code;

=== Released v1.2 – 05-Apr-2018 ===

[NEW] - Invoices List Page;
[NEW] - Single Invoice Page;
[NEW] - Create Invoice Page;
[NEW] - Live Coin UI Kit Blocks (in 4x different styles);
[IMPROVED] - Skin Colors;
[IMPROVED] - Global Spacing has been improved;

=== Released v1.1 – 23-Mar-2018 ===

[NEW] - Language Switcher UI Kit Elements on header right side;
[NEW] - Dark/Night version added;
[NEW-PAGE] - Social Media Buttons UI Kit Elements;
[NEW-PAGE] - Switcher Buttons UI Kit Elements;
[NEW-PAGE] - Blank/Starter page has been added;
[NEW-PAGE] - Login version 2 added;
[NEW-PAGE] - Multi steps registration page (register v2);
[NEW-PAGE] - Frequently asked questions (FAQ) added (in two block variants);
[NEW] - Toastr Notifications UI Kit Elements;
[NEW] - Range Sliders UI Kit Elements;
[NEW] - Ratings UI Kit Elements;
[NEW] - Drag and Drop image uploader UI Kit Element;
[IMPROVED] - Responsiveness of the header;
[IMPROVED] - Responsiveness of all elements and pages;

=== Released v1.0 – 06-Mar-2018 ===

[RELEASED] - v1.0;


Fonts Used: Nunito Google Fonts
Icons: FontAwesome
Images: – All rights reserved! (Images not included in the theme-package)

An entire list of credits comes with the package of the theme!

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