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Eazy Mobile | A Mobile Website Template & PWA

Created using the highest quality code and design, Eazy Mobile suits all your needs in creating a brand new mobile website template. Moreover, Eazy Mobile offers endless possibilities for components, pages, navigation, funcionality and compatibilities! Check it out to see the power of Eazy Mobile!

Progressice Web Application Ready ( PWA )

PWAs are more and more adopted by people all over the world. It offers the functionality of an app-like experience for your website directly on your users’ devices. Now, you can take advantage of this feature on Eazy Mobile!

A Super Fast Mobile Website Template

Speed on Mobile Websites is a key factor in the user experience as a whole. We have invested a lot of time and effort into creating the fastest templates for you. Eazy Mobile is no exeption! It is incredibly well optimised and fast to help you reduce your bouncerate and create the best experience for you customers and users.

Sidebar Navigations & Modal Menus

We’ve implemented the most powerful menu system in the world. It’s fast, smooth, easy and it can use infinite menus on a single page. Our menus can transform into action sheets, notifivations, sidebars, footer menus, modals and much more! Your imagination is the limit for Eazy!

Copy & Paste App Styled Components

Built for Mobile. Eazy comes packed with numerous, carefully crafted components to make sure they suit every device. But it doesn’t stop here. You can create your own pages by simply copying and pasting component blocks! It really doesn’t get any easier than this! Check out below a list of all the components Eazy provides:

  • Ad Boxes
  • Add to Home Banners and Badges
  • Accordions with Multiple Styles
  • Action Sheets & Action Modals
  • Buttons & Icons with tons of Styles
  • Charts & Graphs powered by charts.js
  • Chips with Light and Dark Styles
  • Cookie Boxes and Consent Boxes
  • Content Boxes with Multiple Styles
  • Contact Form – Functional with AJAX
  • Dropdown Elements
  • Dividers
  • Google Fonts – 1000 to choose from
  • Header Styles with Multiple Layouts
  • Images Preloaded & CSS Backgrounds Preloaded
  • Link Lists
  • Notifications Styled like iOS, Android and Alerts
  • OS Detection – show content based on iOS or Android
  • Online & Offline Detection and Banners
  • Quotes and Review Elements
  • Preloaders with multiple styles and colors
  • Pricing Tables insertable in Carousel/Slider
  • Snackbars & Toasts, with multiple styles
  • Sliders and Carousels, powered by enhanced OwlCarousel
  • Social Sharing with automatic link adding from the page you share
  • Search System, functional with any element finding options
  • Tabs designed like iOS and Android pills

Eazy Galleries & Portfolios

Transfer all your porjects and pictures to your online mobile website in a modern way! You can showcase everything in our galleries and present your projects fast by using our portfolio templates. Check out all the options Eazy provides below:

  • Widescreen Galleries – 3 Caption Positions
  • Collection Galleries – Thumbnail Stacked
  • Views Galleries – Select your Category
  • Thumbnail Galleries – Squared and Rounded Thumbnails
  • 3 Portfolios in One Column View
  • 3 Portfolios in Two Column View

Ready To Use Pages – Designed for All Your Needs

An amazing collection of ready to use pages can be found in Eazy Mobile. To be exact, more than 155 Super Fast Pages that wait for you to integrate your content and pictres!

  • About Us
  • Careers / Jobs
  • Cover Page
  • Contact Page – Fully Functional
  • Coming Soon
  • 404 Page
  • KnowledgeBase – FAQ
  • Sign In / Login – 2 Styles
  • Sign Up / Register – 2 Styles
  • Forgot / Reset Password
  • Coming Soon Page
  • Timeline – 2 Styles
  • Profile – 2 Styles
  • Profile Instagram Style
  • Profile Edit/Admin View
  • System Status
  • Task Progress
  • Under Construction
  • Terms of Service

App-Like Feeling

Eazy is breaching the gap between mobile website and app through all the pages that create a beautiful interface for pages such as “Coming Soon”, “Login”, “Fullscreen Map” and many more! Wait ‘till you see the Walkthroughs and Splash Screens!

  • Most pages have a AppStyled version available

Eazy Mobile is Perfect For All Your Needs

Do you want to keep it as a Mobile Website? You can du that! But what if you require an admin pannel? Well, Eazy can be easily converted to any CMS of your choosing as long as it is compatible with HTML! We’ve had tons of customers that used Eazy just as the front-end for their website! And it can also be converted to an app! How cool is that.

We’re always here for you! Eazy comes with the Best Support

Enabled is renown on the marketplaces for providing the fastest and most hands on Support Possible. Although Eazy is, as the name goes, extremely easy to customise, we are absolutely always here for our customers, even for the smallest question you may have! You can count on us!


Version 3.0 – 28th Octover, 2020

Eazy is no running Bootstrap 4.5, as per customer feedback, we always listen!

- Global - Bootstrap 4.5 Framework
- Added - SCSS Files for faster and easier editing.
- All pages and previous features converted to Bootstrap.
- Optimized PWA scripts and loading times.

Version 2.1 – 23 March, 2020

- All Scripts and Styles to Latest Stable Versions
- Minor optimizations in framework.css

Version 2.0 – 16th September, 2019

- Global - PWA Support with Service Worker & Manifest
- Added -  External loaded menus for faster editing
- Added - Added Action Sheet / Modal for Language Picker
- Page - User List and User Groups.
- Page - Gallery with View Selection
- Page - User Profile Instagram Styled
- Page - Wallet with Transactions and Graph
- Component - Geolocation Web API.
- Component - Vibration Web API.
- Component - File Upload Web API.
- Component - QR Code Generator.
- Component - Embedly – Embed Anything.
- Component - Facebook Comments Plugin.
- Component - Disqus Comments Plugin.
- Component - Online / Offline Detection.
- Component - Add to Home Install Prompt for PWA.
- Improvement - Footer Menu Padding Increase for Better Visibility
- Improvement - Remember Light or Dark Mode for Future Visits
- Improvement - Checkbox Issue with “checked” Parameter Resolved
- Improvement - Lightbox Instead of BaguetteBox for PWA Compatibility
- Improvement - iOS Friendly CSS for Notch Support
- Improvement - All Scripts and Styles to Latest Stable Versions

Version 1.1 – 5th December, 2019

 - Added - Added Footer Fixed Menu inside navigations.html page. 

support - Eazy Mobile


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