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mCsNmN7 - elastic ui - Angular 8 Material Design & Redux Admin Template

elastic ui is a creative material design admin template built with Angular 7+ and the Angular-CLI. It extends the Material Design components built by the Angular team and it offers you everything you need to get started with your next CRM, CMS or dashboard based project.

Angular / AngularJS2 / Angular 2 / Angular 4 / Angular 5 / Angular 6 / Angular 7 is the perfect framework for building large enterprise applications and allows for a modular component setup. Components can be added and removed by simply removing the corresponding folder, as everything added is always component-specific and modular.

We built elastic ui to be as much and as easy as possible to customize. Navigation Menu Items can be added dynamically from anywhere, every single page has it’s own module and the complete template is therefore 100% modular and new pages can easily be added by just generating a component with the awesome Angular-CLI. Adding to this we use Flex-Layout by the Angular team to provide a flexible and fast way for layouts.


  • Blazing fast and light weight!
  • Clean and smooth design
  • Material Design with Angular Material 2
  • Latest Angular version
  • Global SCSS and per component specific SCSS (modular!)
  • 300+ Material Icons by Google
  • Simple yet completely customizable Charts with Chart.js
  • Snack Bar Notifications
  • Dialogs (Modals) in Material Design
  • Completely customizable widgets to use in your dashboard!
  • Advanced Google Maps integration
  • Built with Angular-CLI to easily generate components
  • Angular Flex-Layout – fast & flexible Flexbox layout library
  • Nested Routing
  • Create your own theme in seconds with the Material2 Theme API, just pick your colors and the template does the rest.
  • Completely Modular! Every single page has it’s own module.


For further instructions and a list of the used libraries and fonts you can always refer to our documentation or contact us.

Support is available through email, ThemeForest comments or chat. If you purchased the theme and love it, consider giving it a 5-star rating here on ThemeForest. It really helps pushing out more updates and adding more great features.

If you have any question or problem feel free to send us a message and we’ll be glad to help you!

Credits and Assets

  • Angular Material 2 – Awesome library for Material Components and core component in our theme.
  • Google Material Icons – Simply the best Material Icons out there.
  • RxJS – Angular 4 / Angular 5 Dependency – A new approach to how data can be handled in Observables.
  • HighlightJS – Simple Syntax highlighting. Our theme includes a directive to apply the highlighting quickly to <code> blocks.
  • Normalize.css – Convenient reset of browser-specific styles to industry-standard styling.
  • ChartJS – Awesome charts library simple & advanced config
  • Smooth Scrollbar – Simple and perfect scrollbar, working cross-browser.
  • Lodash – “A modern JavaScript utility library delivering modularity, performance & extras.”
  • Roboto Font – Google’s official Material Design Typography font.
  • Google Maps for Angular – Maps library, useful for anything!

All Avatars used are from Adorable Avatars licensed MIT and can therefore be also used in your application and are included in the download.
Backgrounds used are from Unsplash. Marked as “Free to use in commercial projects”.

All other assets shown in the demo are included in the download. All external libraries are loaded with npm. All it takes to get up and running with our theme is NodeJS, which is quickly installed and well documented. NodeJS automates the whole process of loading external libraries and allows for an easy headstart.

--- `7.0.0` (21.11.18) ---
- Upgraded all dependencies to support Angular 7+
- Reduced bundle size by more than 200%
- Various Bug-Fixes

--- `5.1.0` (19.12.17) ---
- Upgraded to @angular/material ^5.0.1
- Implemented Angular Universal support
- Reduced bundle size even further

--- `5.0.0` (20.11.17) ---
- Upgraded to Angular 5
- Upgraded to @angular/material-rc.1
- Upgraded @ngrx/store, @ngrx/effect, @ngrx/store-devtools to ^4.1.1.
- Upgraded various other dependencies
- Reduced overall bundle size

--- `1.0.1` (13.09.17) ---
- Updated @angular/material to beta.10 and adapted all changes
- Updated @angular/cli to latest stable version
- Fixed various bugs related to building

--- `1.0.0` ---
Initial release

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