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Flathost Responsive Hosting WordPress Theme with WHMCS. Designed with latest Bootstrap 3.2.0


    • Drag & Drop Page Builder
    • WHMCS-Bridge plugin compatible
    • Domain search form
    • Zompim live chat compatible
    • WPML compatible
    • 100% Responsive
    • custom widgets
    • Translation Ready
    • Google fonts
    • Font Awesome
    • and much more..


The theme is compatible with latest version of WHMCS (version 6.3) and WHMCS Template is ready to install into your WHMCS area. Here you can see Live Preview of WHMCS Template integrated with Maxhost.

WHMCS Clients Area Login Demo

Login url: http://themesquared.com/whmcs/clientarea.php
Email support
Demo pass: whmcs123

070d27c - FlatHost WordPress Hosting Theme + WHMCS

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Change Log

Version 2.4.1 – Jan 15, 2021

 - Fix error theme builder 

Version 2.4 – Dec 24, 2020

 - Fixed some minor bugs 
 - Rev Slider 6.3.x

<p><strong>Version 2.3</strong> - November 05, 2019</p>
<pre> - Fix builder widget Custom HTML and widget Text not working </pre>
<pre> - Fixed some minor bugs </pre>
<pre> - Improved styles </pre>
<pre> - Update install demo data </pre>

<p><strong>Version 2.2</strong> - March 17, 2018</p>
<pre> - Update new imported demo data </pre>
<pre> - Update TMG Plugin and tgmpa install plugins </pre>
<pre> - Update text domain and new translate language </pre>
<pre> - Compatibility WordPress 4.9.x </pre>
<pre> - Compatibility Revolution Slider 5.4.x </pre>

<p><strong>Version 2.1.2</strong> - October 27, 2016</p>
<pre> - WHMCS Update to 7.0.1</pre>

<p><strong>Version 2.1.2</strong> - December 19, 2015</p>
<pre> - WHMCS update to 6.2</pre>

<p><strong>Version 2.1.1</strong> - October 30, 2015</p>
<pre> - FontAwesome Icon add in Icon Teaser Module</pre>
<pre> - Retina Ready Functionality Added</pre>

<p><strong>Version 2.1.0</strong> - October 08, 2015</p>
<pre> - Icon Teaser Link issue Fix</pre>

<p><strong>Version 2.0.9</strong> - August 30, 2015</p>
<pre> - Blog Title Link Click-able issue Fix</pre>
<pre> - Blog Meta Information issue Fix</pre>
<pre> - Icon Teaser Link Option Added</pre>

<p><strong>Version 2.0.8</strong> - July 20, 2015</p>
<pre> - Menu issue Fix</pre>

<p><strong>Version 2.0.7</strong> - May 20, 2015</p>
<pre> - TMG Plugin issue Fix</pre>

<p><strong>Version 2.0.6</strong> - April 26, 2015</p>
<pre> - 3rd Level Menu issue Fix</pre>
<pre> - Revolution Slider Added</pre>

<p><strong>Version 2.0.5</strong> - April 15, 2015</p>
<pre> - Title Showing In Browser Tab instead of URL</pre>
<pre> - Blog Single Page meta Field Fix</pre>

<p><strong>Version 2.0.4</strong> - March 20, 2015</p>
<pre> - Custom Css issue Fix</pre>
<pre> - Google Analytic issue Fix</pre>
<pre> - Blog Meta Field issue Fix</pre>
<pre> - Enable/Disable Comment Number in Post</pre>

<p><strong>Version 2.0.3</strong> -  March 3, 2015</p>
<pre> - Demo Bug removed</pre>
<pre> - Live Chat Plugin Added</pre>

<p><strong>Version 2.0.2</strong> - February 22, 2015</p>
<pre> - Pricing Css Issue Fix</pre>
<pre> - Sub Menu issue Fix in Mobile Version</pre>
<pre> - Domain search module Added</pre>

<p><strong>Version 2.0.1</strong> - January 22, 2015</p>
<pre> - Child Theme Problem resolved</pre>

<p><strong>Version 2.0.0</strong> - January 20, 2015</p>
<pre> - Spacing Issue fix between slider and menu when logged in admin</pre>
<pre> - Pricing Error Fix</pre>
<pre> - Blog Menu issue fix</pre>
<pre> - Translation added for Blog</pre>
<pre> - Demo XML fix</pre>

<p><strong>Version 1.0.0</strong> - December 13, 2014</p>
<pre> - Initial release</pre>

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