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Please be sure to read the update section below when considering purchasing this theme, as well as the FAQ under the Support tab.

Ideal is a premium theme for the full vBulletin 4.x suite: the CMS and blog in addition to the forum. It was designed to serve those vBulletin users who want a more clean, modern look for their vBulletin-based site. Though Ideal features full suite customization, the theme will work with forum-only installations.

Ideal looks great out of the box, but it also makes for an excellent base theme to build upon should you wish to customize it further.


  • Full vBulletin Suite customization (CMS, blog, and forum.)
  • Ten color schemes in both light and dark variations and fixed and fluid widths.
  • An easy to edit custom footer region (individual templates are installed for each footer column via included plugins.)
  • Three custom CMS grids (currently only works with theme at fixed width only.)
  • CSS3 typeface for the various headings. Includes seven different fonts. See the preview images to view the different fonts.
  • All ad placement locations are honored.
  • Valid XHMTL.
  • Includes layered .PSD files used in the creation of the graphics.
  • Detailed documentation.

Live Demos (light)

Live Demos (dark)


Below details what version of vBulletin the theme is compatible with as well as any additional updates. The theme will be updated promptly with each new stable vBulletin version that is released. The theme will not be updated for alpha and beta releases.

Auguest 18, 2014
  • Added fluid versions of the theme as seperate installations. The included custom grids are only compatible with the fixed versions at this time.
June 26, 2014
  • Updated the installation XMLs so buyers will no longer have to click “Ignore Style Version” when installing the theme.
  • Updated author contact information in the documentation.
June 1, 2013
  • Added five new dark color schemes.
May 28, 2013
  • Fixed an issue with the birthday listings on the forumhome page.
May 27, 2013

Version update. Compatible with vBulletin version 4.2.1.

  • When closing the login box, it will now remain on the current page instead of redirecting to the frontpage.
  • Added new status icon images which were introduced with vBulletin 4.2.1.
  • Fixed the navbar menu customization which was bugged in 4.2.1 due to changed CSS declarations.
  • Fixed bugged sidebar headers on the group pages.
July 6, 2012

Version update. Compatible with vBulletin version 4.2.0.

  • CSS3 font-family typeface has been added to the various heading regions around the theme. Seven free-to-use fonts have been included. See documentation for further details
  • Three custom CMS grids are now included with the theme. Two grids have ten widget locations, one with left sidebars, the other with right sidebars. The third has one column with three widget areas, to be used for a landing page or the like.
  • Added a jquery popup login box.
  • A variety of small visual tweaks have been done around the theme to give it an even more appealing look.
  • The fluid width install XML files have been removed. This was done for the sake of the custom grids. However, the theme retains its fluid-width compatibility. Making the theme fluid width is easy to do; see the included documentation for instructions. Please note that the included custom grids will not function with the theme at a fluid width.
March 6, 2012

Version update. Compatible with vBulletin version 4.1.11.

  • The text has been changed to bold in various head sections and the navbar tabs.
  • Changed the background hover color for the user info links and drop-down box in the header for improved contrast.
  • Reworked the featured blog entries listings section to be more distinct and visually appealing.
January 23, 2012

Maintenance release. Compatible with vBulletin version 4.1.10.

  • Fixed an issue which appeared in the last release that resulted in missing .js file errors.
  • Fixed an issue with the display of the footer region for those running vBulletin with the branding-free option.
January 16, 2012

Version update. Compatible with vBulletin version 4.1.10.

  • Fixed an issue where the user information element in the header wasn’t showing for some logged-in members using browsers with ad blocking.
January 2, 2012

Version update. Compatible with vBulletin version 4.1.9.

  • Stand-alone installation XMLs are now included for each style variation to make installation easier for those who wish to use only one of the styles. See updated documentation for details.
November 19, 2011

Version update. Compatible with vBulletin version 4.1.8.

October 12, 2011

Version update. Compatible with vBulletin version 4.1.7.

  • Added a stylized page title region. See included documentation for details.
  • Added a slanted vertical line background to the body region.
  • Changed the background color for the toolbar and memberinfo popup menus for improved legibility.
  • Enlarged the tab collapse/expand images for the forum sidebar.
  • Fixed an issue with the Facebook like button not appearing at the top of threads.
  • Increased the font size and line spacing in threads.
October 1, 2011

Version update. Compatible with vBulletin version 4.1.6.

September 25, 2011

Initial release. Compatible with vBulletin version 4.1.5.

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