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About Leo

Leo is a clean and powerful ready to use responsive admin template, based on Bootstrap v3.3.0 and powered by jQuery.

The main task of a developer is the quality and speed of their applications. Leo – fast, with a clean source code and understandable even for a novice programmer. Despite this, Leo powerful product that will help you with time-saving for the development of your project. Also in the package you will find detailed documentation on using.

Leo template supporting all new browsers, it’s compatible with desktop and mobile devices like iPad or iPhone. Also, Leo is Retina ready template.

The most important thing in the template:

  • Easy to use and integrate
  • Fast loading pages
  • Fixed and responsive design
  • Unique widgets
  • Lot of ready to use page samples
  • Well Documented


  • Fixed or Responsvie 4+ columns layout
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Built using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript
  • Retina ready
  • Integrated plugins:
    • Twitter Bootstrap v3.3.0
    • jQuery v2.0.0
      • jQuery UI v1.10.3
      • jQuery Cookies v2.2.0
      • jQuery Flot v0.7
      • jQuery Sparkline v2.1
      • jQuery CKEditor v4.0
      • jQuery NicEdit v0.9
      • jQuery DataTables v1.9.4
      • jQuery FancyBox v2.1.4
      • jQuery FullCalendar v1.6.1
      • jQuery Masked Input v1.3.1
      • jQuery Custom content scroller v2.8.2
      • jQuery Select2 v3.3.2
      • jQuery Uniform v2.1.1
      • jQuery Inline Form Validation Engine v2.6.1(multi-language support)
      • jQuery MultiSelect v0.9.5
      • jQuery Stepy v1.1.0
      • jQuery TagsInput
      • jQuery SyntaxHighlighter v.3.0.83
      • jQuery iButton v1.0.03
      • jQuery Color Picker
      • jVectorMap v1.2.2
      • jQuery Noty v2.0.3
      • jQuery iButton v1.0.03
      • jQuery File Tree v.1.01
      • jQuery ScrollUp v2.1.0
    • elFinder v2.0
    • Plupload v1.5.7
    • CodeMirror v3.14
  • Interface elements
    • Header navigation buttons with popup and dropdown
    • Left side navigation, with collapsible levels
    • Breadcrumb line with right side elements
    • Responsive alert blocks(warning,error,success,info)
    • Styled jQuery UI items: Accordion, Sortable, Selectable, Slider, Tabs, Dialog, Datepicker
    • Styled Bootstrap items: Progressbars, Tabs, Tooltips, Popovers, Dialog, Stacked Tabs, Stacked Pills, Lables and Badges, Buttons, Pagination
    • Icomoon font icons and Glyphs icons
    • Block with head, content, footer(each of items ready for form elements)
    • Custom block scroling
    • Lot of quick-info widgets
    • Styled typography elements
    • Messages, dialogues and contact list widgets
    • Code highlighter, a lots of informer examples
    • Simple and customizable gallery grid
  • Form elements:
    • Styled input fields with placeholder, readonly, disabled
    • Default and styled select,file,checkbox and radio buttons
    • Styled form elements for validation states
    • Select and multiselect with search
    • Tags input
    • Multi-select
    • Color picker plugin
    • iPhone style checkbox and radio buttons
    • Extending form controls(appends & preappends)
    • Form validation plugin
    • Masked input plugin
    • Form wizard plugin
    • 2 WYSIWYG editor plugins
    • Code editor plugin
    • Simple and sortable tables with features
    • Datepicker, timepicker and combobox
  • Other features:
    • jQuery flot line, bar, stacked, pie, real-time update charts
    • jQuery Sparkline bar, line, pie, discrete charts
    • Google maps API usage examples
    • jVectormap maps plugin
    • Calendar plugin with features
    • File manager and file uploader plugins
    • File tree plugin
  • 2 custom themes, and 8 backgrounds
  • 34+ valid HTML pages
  • 30+ ready-to-use plugins
  • 10 page samples
  • And much more…



- Added Front-end Tempalte(with .less)
- Added Morris Charts
- Updated Bootstrap to v3.3.0
- Updated documentation
- Updated main navigation on mobile
- Minor design chenges
- Minor bugs fixed


- Added Bootstrap3 features
- Added animation in navigation
- Updated Bootstrap to v3.1.1
- Updated jQuery
- Updated documentation
- Updated base theme to clean flat design
- Fixed Combobox functions
- Fixed lots of other minor bugs


- Added multi-themes support(2 themes, 8 backgrounds)
- Added clearform function
- Added combobox function
- Added sidebar features
- Added timepicker
- Added sortable tables examples
- Added editable tables
- Added scroll to top button
- Added new widgets
- Updated block loader function
- Updated header image to css style(now it's lighter and retina ready)
- Updated documentation
- Minor bugs fixed


- Added .PSD file of main page
- Added cookies control of layout
- Added code editor plugin
- Added file tree plugin
- Added pricing table page sample
- Added payment table page sample
- Added credit cards icons
- Added minor features
- Updated documentation
- Minor bugs fixed


- Release

Dont forget to check other my works… happy - Leo - Premium Admin Template


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