PART I: UNREST: Peaceful Protests Gone Awry

Right now, peaceful protesters are gathering across this nation to exercise their constitutional rights to freedom of speech, to end racism. They are gathering by the thousands in city streets across the US. These protesters are rightfully decrying racial inequality, and recent multiple incidents of police-related brutality, including the murder of Black citizens. They are working towards putting an end to racial prejudice and discrimination, and the scourge of racism in all its forms. Armed only with good will, mega-phones, and picket signs, they are working diligently to be heard to advance their cause. Sometimes peaceful protests are necessary, and that time would be now.

Anarchy, Marxism & Communism

Though challenging for many public authorities, it is important for non-violent protesters to be able to peacefully exercise their First Amendment rights to free speech, so central to our American way of life per the Constitution. For many, peaceful protesting is also about freedom of religion as people of conscience unite for a noble and important cause. With the Christian mandate to: Love one another-especially those who are hurting in any way, it all flows together.

Peaceful Protests & the First Amendment

There are good reasons why freedom of speech, and religious freedom, are both included in the First Amendment. They are closely intertwined. Without those two gateway freedoms, our country could easily lose its way, and risk lawlessness, and, eventually, socialism. Many Americans do not realize that socialism is the gateway, the stepping stone if you will, to Marxist communism. Violent anarchy is the primary tool of Socialism and Communism. Both have disdain for personal freedom, and Christianity, on many different levels. That is, they are inconsistent with the American way of life set out by our forefathers, with Judeo-Christian values and practices, and the freedoms we treasure that are inherent to democracy.

Anarchists: Enemies of the American People

One must only took at communist China or Venezuela to see the devastating effects of socialism, and, the restrictive, militant effects of communism on faith practice, where it is too often forbidden. There is a very fine line between socialism and communism, though socialism is introduced and presented as a Utopian society.

Sadly, peaceful protests have been infiltrated by violent anarchists who only seek destruction. Most of the peaceful gatherings were initially meant to be part of a larger, vitally important civil rights movement to put an end to racism. But that process is being derailed by anarchy. In contrast, peaceful protesters lend a caring, strong voice to the fight for racial equality. Too often, the intentions of these peaceful marches are tainted by peaceful protests gone awry, as anarchists shuffle in to subvert their benevolent efforts. Unwelcome visitors all, these entitled anarchists are agents of destruction; looting, destroying, maiming, and killing anyone, and anything, in their path. In actuality, violent anarchists are the enemies of the American people. Such deviant violence has elicited a strong reaction across this land, and rightly so, leading many to say: Enough is enough…

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