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jj - Stunner - Shopify Email Notification Templates

Stunner is A set of powerful HTML templates designed for store owners and app makers who deal with Shopify email communications. Easy setup, awesome results

Each of these will show the logo of your store, email-safe fonts, and nice borders that you will be able to adjust according to your brand colors.

These templates are compatible with all major email clients and devices, Popular clients include: Apple iPhone, Gmail, Apple iPad, Apple Mail, Outlook, Samsung Mail, Google Android and Yahoo! Mail and Windows Live Mail and more!

Covered Email Notifications

  • Order Confirmation
  • Order Canceled
  • Order Refund
  • Draft Order Invoice
  • Buy online for Shopify POS
  • Abandoned Checkout
  • POS and Mobile Receipt
  • Gift Card Created
  • Fulfillment Request
  • Shipping Confirmation
  • Shipping Update
  • Shipment Out for Delivery
  • Shipment Delivered
  • Customer Account Invite
  • Customer Account Welcome
  • Customer Account Password Reset
  • Contact Customer
  • New Order

Compatible email clients

  • Android
  • Yahoo Mail
  • Gmail
  • AOL
  • Apple Mail
  • iPad
  • iPhone 5, 6, SE, 7, 8+
  • Windows 10 Mail
  • Mail
  • Outlook
  • Thunderbird
  • Outlook
  • Live Mail


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