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Suffering Brings Victory

God and Jesus’ plan to save the world from eternal damnation was not an easy one. It brought enormous hurt and suffering.

That Jesus had to leave heaven was already a terrible thing. I don’t think people can really understand how hard it must’ve been for Jesus as God to “descend” and get into human form. It restricted him. To be human was completely on the other side of the spectrum.

But Jesus was prepared to do it.

Suffering was part of the deal. Jesus couldn’t choose another easier plan. No, to bring about salvation for humankind He had to walk that hard road. Becoming human. Being humiliated. Spit on. Denounced as a liar and many other evil labels that man put around his neck.

He couldn’t avoid this. He simply had to walk this hard road.

10It makes good sense that the God who got everything started and keeps everything going now completes the work by making the Salvation Pioneer perfect through suffering as he leads all these people to glory.

Jesus had to suffer to bring about salvation for all mankind. The Living Bible translation puts it like this: 10… for his suffering made Jesus a perfect Leader, one fit to bring them into their salvation.

Jesus brought about mankind’s salvation through suffering. Jesus is the captain of saving. He is the author and compiler of the rescue plan for humankind. And unfortunately, suffering is part of that package.

We focus repeatedly on the suffering and hardship so that we can realise what sacrifice Jesus had really made. The plan that was rolled-out was not just a quick plan. For God’s plan to work, Jesus had to walk a difficult road.

I am grateful that Jesus had the wisdom and strength to do it.

It gives me courage for the road I have to travel. Often, we have to walk a road that makes it difficult to achieve victory. Often, we cannot achieve victory without first travelling that difficult road.

May you’re at a difficult place in your life. Maybe you never even asked for this and it wasn’t part of your planning. Maybe you can’t see anything up ahead and are in sackcloth and ashes.

Yes, God didn’t make for this to happen, but looking at Jesus’ plan of salvation, it seems to me you’re struggling through one part of the road to get to the victory. Most times we need the hardship to get to the victory.

Therefore, hold on and keep going. Push through and believe and hope, because the second art of the journey is the victory.


Hebrews 2:10-13


Where are you suffering?

Can you see the light?

Do you believe victory is around the corner?


Father, I’m struggling. I can’t go on. Please bring victory soon. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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