The Democratic Parties Coup-De-Gras

What the DNC has done by convincing Biden to have Kamala Harris as the Vice President candidate is none other than a ploy to convince voters that they have a Presidential ticket that would unseat President Trump. For the DNC this proves without a shadow of a doubt that once again they have a firm grip on retaining those corporate mega donors that are so crucial in maintaining the status-quo. When this country needs a progressive agenda on a scale greater than what FDR did with the New Deal once again neither Campaign is capable of providing that much needed progressive agenda.

All along the DNC has always reframed from accepting a progressive agenda that was started by Senator Bernie Sanders back in 2015. They had no intention of following through in ushering the much needed reforms that are so desperately needed. By convincing voters during the primaries that Biden would bring back the nostalgia of the Obama years and by voter manipulation in denying Senator Sanders from securing the needed votes for delegates have kept the DNC able to retain their grip on the status-quo. They also feared that if Sanders was to have more delegates than Biden the disruption of the mega donor funds into the coffers of the DNC would be almost eliminated by a Sanders candidacy.

The sheer audacity of the DNC in sabotaging Senator Sanders campaign again just shows how corrupt the DNC really is. And now with them convincing Biden to have Kamala Harris as his running mate is obvious that the DNC have planned this all along. The intent of the DNC has always been to convince the public that Biden and now with Kamala Harris as the perfect running mate would bring back a repeat of the Obama years. As bad as Trump has been the Obama years never managed to bridge the widening wealth disparity gap, which has since only continued to widen. The poor are getting poorer while the Wealthy are getting richer. The foreign policy directives from the Obama Administration have proven disastrous and still millions remain without health care even with the Affordable Health Care Act in place. Neither Biden or Trump will effect the changes that are needed to secure this nations future.

It is in history that we are reminded of the mistakes, cover ups, and out right deceptions that our own government has perpetrated on the American public. It was our founding fathers intention when they wrote the original 13th amendment to the original Constitution to keep the integrity of our new nation by guaranteeing the rights and freedoms of the American people by not allowing any Bar Attorney from holding public office. Had the original 13th amendment been invoked since the 1800’s this nation would still be a country whose inherited freedoms would still be intact. Today, neither Biden and Kamala Harris would never have been allowed to hold public office if the original 13th Amendment was adhered to. Consequently, after years of deception, and cover ups we have before us a present Administration and too many members of Congress totally incapable in guiding the United States out of the many crisis this nation is in.

The economic fallout of this Pandemic has only compounded the financial crisis of millions of Americans even before this pandemic hit. And, if you follow the track records of Biden and Harris the progressive reforms that this nation needs will never materialize. The establishment of both parties continue subjugating the American public all the while pretending that their favorite candidate will actually pull this nation out of the depths of financial and economic calamity.

The Democratic and the Republican parties have shown they have no intention of ushering in all the progressive reforms that are so desperately needed. There has always been a method to their madness when they hand picked Kamala Harris as their choice candidate for Vice President. The Democratic party never intended to have Senator Sanders as the Presidential candidate either in 2016 or today in 2020. Until, we as a nation band together and realize the enormity of the deceit, deception and cover ups by our own government, which by the way has been going on for well over 170 years America will always be at the mercy of a government that has stripped away our inherited rights, our freedoms, and our liberties.

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