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The Muslim Pir From Pakistan Who Impregnated Over 300 Women

One has heard of Don Juan.From all accounts, he was a great libertine and lover and made love to women all over Italy and France. In short, he is the epitome of a true lover. One can’t think of anyone similar in the sub-continent, but in Pakistan, one man may wear the mantle of Don Juan and he is a Muslim Pir.

Who is a Pir? he is supposed to be a holy man who has a direct communion with god and is the man to show laymen the guide to bliss. A Pir is a product of the Sufi culture; a liberal form of Islam that is peculiar to Pakistan and Indian Muslims.News has emanated from Pakistan that a Muslim Pir who was young and energetic had propagated a statement that he had the power to ensure that a woman begets a son.

Now in Pakistan like in India, there is an almost insane desire to have a son, as girls are looked down upon. Thus many women who did not have sons were scorned by the family and obviously they were keen to have sons. So, when they heard that a Pir, who could bestow a son to them they flocked to the abode of the Pir.The Pir was a great;psychologist and played on the women’s belief and faith and seduced them on a special bed in his back chamber. He called the bed a Noor bed as he copulated with the women and soon over 300 of them conceived.

Almost all the women were married and they succumbed to the advances of the and Pir and gave themselves to him. Obviously, once a woman got pregnant she kept it a secret.Many had sons, they were overjoyed as were their families. Even some barren married women whose fault was probably with the husband also conceived and they found happiness.However, the exploits of the pir reached the police and they set out to question him.

Fearing arrest the Pir ran away but was apprehended later. This was in 2011 and the trial is still on and no witness is available. After all, no women will admit that she slept with the Pir. Even the Sharia requires 4 witnesses to the act and I am afraid none are available.However, people have mixed feelings about the Pir and one woman has stated the Pir did a good thing by impregnating barren women as otherwise, their lives in their household were hell. So he saved them. I wonder what the people feel about the acts of the Pir. How many support Him

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