Trump’s Plan For DISORDER!

Although, nearly every news media, from the most liberal/ progressive, to the moderate/ middle – of – the – road, and, even, the more conservative ones, have declared Joe Biden, the victor, of the recent, Presidential election, President Trump, and his partisan supporters, have declared, there were improprieties, which they state, were an organized effort to steal the election! Is this, a true belief, panic, lying, manipulation, or another component of this President’s apparent, life – long, effort, to distort facts, to his advantage, etc? Many, including, me, believe, this is Trump’s pattern of behavior, and a key part of what some refer to, as the man’s agenda! It seems, he believes, he benefits, by creating, confusion, and DISORDER, and, those who have read his book, realize, he has believed that, for many years. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and the potential harm, it creates, for the nation, its citizens, and the planet.

1. Denials; destroy/ destruction; disharmony: By creating differences, and disharmony, it seems, he believes, he benefits! Often, Trump’s statements, rhetoric, and empty promises, appear to be, self – centered, based predominantly, on what he believes, is in his self – interest! His pattern is to continuing his denials, seeming to, either, under – estimate, fail to perceive/ believe, or not care about, the potential dangers, to create destruction. Many articles have been written, where the author states, his belief, which is, this individual, would destroy, anyone, or anything, if it serves his purpose!

2. Inferences; implications; interference: How often, have we heard, President Trump, state, Many people say, etc, in order to imply, whatever, fits neatly into his agenda? The implications of this, is creating, an atmosphere, where his core supporters, believe and support him, inferring, his words, are, Gospel! This pattern creates interference, in our historic, method of preserving the American Way of Life!

3. Suckers; selling; suggestions: Whether, P. T. Barnum influenced him, when he was credited with saying, There’s a sucker born, every day, or something/ someone, else, did, the present occupant of the White House, seems to have spent, much of his adult life, attempting to sell something, regardless of the ramifications! His suggestions often, lack the level of consideration, which might, make a difference, for the better!

4. Oppositional: Instead of trying to bring people, together, for the greater good, and seeking a meeting – of – the – minds, Trump’s pattern has been, oppositional, adversarial, and, often, polarizing!

5. Repeat; rationale; rationalize: He seems to believe, if he repeats a lie, no matter how often, it has been disproven, his rationale, will appeal, to his core supporters, and serve his interests! Perhaps, more than, nearly, anyone, we have seen, in recent memory, Trump seems ready, willing, and able, to rationalize, anything he says, and/ or, does!

6. Disorder; disorganize: Many reports claim, this President, rarely pays attention, to comprehensive briefs/ reports, etc, and seems to believe, disorganization serves him, best! Have we been witnessing, prioritizing, disorder, instead of relevant, sustainable policies?

7. Efforts; emphasis; exaggerate: At the very least, he likes to exaggerate, but it seems, his emphasis, and efforts, have been, often, far – more, sinister, than that!

8. Resist; reply; references; rhetoric: No one should be surprised, the President has publicly, refused to accept, defeat! He has resisted doing so, and his reply, is, to proceed, with his pattern, of blaming, and complaining, without evidence, etc! When, we observe his references, and statements, his rhetoric, and vitriol, many feel, instead of being, unusual, and/ or, crazy, he probably is, sly, as a fox!

Is this coincidence, or, Trump’s well – considered, plan, to create, and use, DISORDER, perhaps, for his personal benefit? At the very least, this isn’t normal, and/ or, unifying!

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