Turn Our Cheek?

Anti-Semitism in America is continuing to infiltrate the mindset of radical individuals who oppose anything that does not compliment their self-motivated agendas. As the tide of religious bigotry continues to spread, the once strong Christian movement has moved into the cross-hairs of the anti-God movement. It should come as no surprise to those of the “Book,” for the Scriptures speak of these “end time” activities. What is shocking is that the houses of worship are doing nothing to stem the tide of “spiritual euthanasia.” There is an attitude of turning the cheek, rather than standing up against the wiles of the Devil. Both the Jewish and Christian communities seem to have resigned to the fact that there is little they can do to stop the anti-spiritual agenda. With no resistance to the spiritual opposition, the “oppressors” continue to trample the name of God and His son Jesus. Are the Jewish and Christian communities destined to a life of passivity?

In 1926, the president of Mexico perpetrated an all-out attack against the Catholic Church. The clergy were forbidden to wear religious garments. Churches were ransacked and burned. Priests and officials of the Catholic Church were hung or shot. Thousands of the followers of Jesus were murdered. Whole towns and villages were destroyed. In response to the carnage, Christians formed an armed militia known as the Christeros. For three years they fought against spiritual tyranny. They adopted the words “Christo Rey” (Christ The King) as their battle cry. After three years, the president of Mexico capitulated and churches were reopened and the Catholic faith was restored. The question arises as to whether the Christeros were justified in taking up arms against the oppressors of their Faith.

Today, Jewish and Christian people are facing a potentially physical crisis that is related to the growing anti-God environment. When a Synagogue or Church is surrounded by anti-religious individuals, are these citadels of Faith to remain passive and non-confrontational?

The Old and New Testaments paint opposing viewpoints as to what is expected from Believers who are attacked or oppressed. The sword is prevalent in the Old Testament, while “turning the cheek” is the weapon of choice for the New Testament. So which Scripture should we respond to?

When Jesus saw the Temple being used as a “casino” of money changers and merchandise, He responded with physical action. He made a whip of small cords and chased the polluter’s out of the Temple, proclaiming that His Father’s House was not to be a “… house of merchandise.” (John 2: 15, 16) If anyone tried to carry certain “vessels through the Temple,” He stopped them. (Mark 11:16) Jesus defended His Father’s House, both physically and verbally. It is imperative that Believers distinguish between offensive and defensive posturing. The Church is not to be physically aggressive, but defensively prepared and active. When the Judaeo Christian community fails to defend its foundational Faith and physical properties, they will be forced to worship in the “catacombs.” Soon the out of sight, out of mind saying will take center stage.

The Scriptures that promote turning the cheek, drawing the sword and other related verses need to be looked at in their context. Christians must never allow themselves to be intimidated by the forces of evil. The Christian must never compromise. The enemy may march around us, but they will never run through us! We must always remember that we were given the Armor of God to enable us to defend the Faith!

Source by Paul W Hoffmaster

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