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UltraMobile – Powerful & Flexible Mobile Site Template

Take your Mobile Website to another level – an ultra premium level! UltraMobile is UltraPowerful, UltraFlexible, UltraFast..is UltraMobile! All features are simply better.

Ultra Fast

UltraMobile’s Speed is out of this world! Speed is important for both your cutsomers and Google. Therefore, we’ve built UltraMobile to be fast as lightning, empowering powerful coding techniques that work for you, behind the scenes, to optimise the page!

Ultra Color Scheme

UltraMobile comes with 7 Color Highlights included! It provides a very simple technique for you to change the entire highlight of elements on your page. One class changes everything!

Ultra Sidebar effects & Features

UltraMobile Sidebars’ have some amazing effects that animate the experience of your users! Choose your favourite from 3D Effect, Reveal, Parallax, Over or Push Sidebar Effects!

Ultra Components

Powered by Copy & Paste Components, UltraMobile is here to make your life ten times easier when building new pages or customising the existing ones! Check out below a list of all the components available:

  • Ad Boxes
  • Accordions with Multiple Styles
  • Action Sheets & Action Modals
  • Buttons & Icons with tons of Styles
  • Back to Home Badge and Icon
  • Charts & Graphs powered by charts.js
  • Chips with Light and Dark Styles
  • Cookie Boxes and Consent Boxes
  • Cards with Gradients, Solid Colors or Background Images
  • Color Packs with Examples
  • Contact Form – Functional with AJAX
  • Collapse / Dropdown Elements
  • Dividers with Multiple Styles and Icons
  • Disqus Comments Integration
  • File Upload – Web API integrated
  • Google Fonts – 600 to choose from
  • Header Styles with Badges and Multiple Layouts
  • Image Effects on Tap – Scale, Grayscale, Blur
  • Images Preloaded & CSS Backgrounds Preloaded
  • Images with Infinite Background Effect
  • Link Lists with Badge and iOS/Android Switch Support
  • List Groups with Icons and Multiple Styles
  • Notification Alerts Large or Small with or without Icons
  • OS Detection – show content based on iOS or Android
  • Online & Offline Detection and Banners
  • Quotes and Review Elements
  • Preloaders with multiple styles and colors
  • Pricing Tables with multiple styles insertable in Carousel/Slider
  • Reading Time Calculator – estimated time to read page
  • Snackbars & Toasts, with multiple styles and designs
  • Sliders and Carousels, powered by enhanced OwlCarousel
  • Tabs designed like iOS and Android pills
  • User Lists & Groups with multiple styles

Ultra Galleries & Portfolios

Showcase your products and services with UltraMobile’s Galleries and Portfolios! Thumbnails, wide, one collumn folios, and many more. The choice is your!

  • Widescreen Galleries, Collections, Filterable and Views Galleries – 3 Caption Positions
  • Thumbnail Galleries – Squared and Rounded Thumbnails
  • 3 Portfolios in One and Two Column Layouts

Ultra Pages

Performance is Key, Flexibility is a Must and Speed is What we build on! All 130+ Pages in UltraMobile contain our values in them! Each component and page is carefully built to match the highest standards.

  • About Us
  • Careers / Jobs
  • Cover Page
  • Contact Page – Fully Functional
  • Coming Soon
  • 404 Page
  • KnowledgeBase – FAQ
  • Sign In / Login – 2 Styles
  • Sign Up / Register – 2 Styles
  • Forgot / Reset Password
  • Coming Soon Page
  • Timeline – 2 Styles
  • Profile – 2 Styles
  • Profile Instagram Style
  • Profile Edit/Admin View
  • System Status
  • Task Progress
  • Under Construction
  • Terms of Service

Ultra App Feeling!

Page Apps are designed to feel like native mobile applications! Beautiful landing pages, login pages, active map, 404 or coming soon pages offer Ultra Mobile and Ultra App Feeling.

Best Support Included

We are always here to help you overcome any difficulties when customising our items, UltraMobile included! Enabled is known for its dedication to its customers and we strive to maintain that value forever! Don’t be afraid to contact us, we’re here to help!


- Global - Bootstrap 4.4 Integration
- Global - SCSS structured files included
- Global - RTL and LTR Versions Included
- Added -  3 Different Header & Footer Shapes
- Added - Remember Color Highlight, Background and Light or Dark
- Added - Unicode Emoji and Tooltip Tap Support
- Added - Link Groups with Switches or Badges
- Added - Header & Footer Badges
- Added - Preloading for CSS Background Images
- Added - Skeleton/Border Button and Icons
- Added - Badge & Switches to List Groups
- Added - Programatic Bootstrap Calls for Snackbars, Toasts, Notifications, Sidebars, Modals and Action Sheets
- Improvement - All Pages & Components are now Bootstrap Built
- Improvement - All Columns Replaced with Bootstrap & FlexBox
- Improvement - true/false - enable disable PWA & AJAX system
- Improvement - PWA Clears Cache Automatically
- Improvement - iOS Friendly CSS for Notch Support
- Improvement - Completely Revamped Documentation for Better and Much more Detailed Instructions

Version 1.2 – 4th September, 2019

 - Fixes - Small CSS fix in framework.css lines 627 and 635, affecting bottom-50 and top-50 values. Many thanks to @Leosin for spotting this issue. 

Version 1.1 – 25th April, 2019

 - Improvement - Added PHP files for Contact Form. If you purchased before this date, just copy the PHP folder from code to your code folder. 

Version 1.0.1 – 16th April, 2019

 - Improvement - Performance Increase & Cover Images/Slider/Walkthrough Improvements. 

support - Ultra Mobile


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