Why Leaders Must Balance Pragmatism And Idealism?: 5 Areas

Perhaps, little is, less – useful, than, trying to be a leader, without, first, committing to self – analysis, giving oneself, a check – up, from the neck – up! Many, well – intentioned, individuals, proceed, with a high degree of idealism, but, often, without, considering, thoroughly, how it would work, what was needed, financial realities, and political considerations, etc! A true leader must be ready, willing, and able to consistently, balance idealism, with pragmatism, in order to achieve, some of the necessities, and priorities, of an organization! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 areas, which this is most important, relevant, and necessary/ needed.

1. Budgetary/ fiscal/ financial: It’s easy to be idealistic, and have ideas, but a little more challenging, to achieve, when budgetary, fiscal/ financial considerations, are factored – in! How can one, perceive and conceive of, create, and effectively, implement, a plan, which might make a difference, for the better, if it lacks the necessary degree of pragmatism, and meaningful planning?

2. Empathy, leading to emphasis: For most of us, our favorite sound, is, often, the sound, of our own voice, and we spend too much time, speaking, and, not enough, listening, effectively! Only, when a leader, effectively listens, and consistently, learns from every conversation, and experience, will he become capable of proceeding with the highest degree of genuine empathy! However, unless/ until, this directs, where to place one’s emphasis, and priorities, it doesn’t serve the group’s best interests, in a meaningful way!

3. Addressing/ handling obstacles and perceptions: Quality leadership requires, proactively, addressing obstacles, by focusing on them, as, challenges, to overcome, rather than, as debilitating problems, to fear! Great leaders must handle these, as well as addressing and answering constituent’s perceptions, consistently, and, in a well – considered, manner. To do this, it requires, proceeding with an open – mind, and without – prejudice!

4. Leading – by – example, versus, passing – the – buck: You are only a real leader, when you set, and lead – by – example, rather than procrastinating, wearing rose – colored, glasses, or passing – the – buck! Perhaps, more than anything, procrastination, is the antithesis, of quality leadership!

5. Strategic, and action planning, process: Few commit to quality, thorough, strategic planning, because, it requires time, and effort, as well as admitting, there are alternatives/ options, and ramifications, of, either, actions, or procrastinating! A strategic plan, is, only worthwhile, when/ if, it creates, a meaningful process, towards perceiving and conceiving of, creating, developing, and effectively, implementing the best – possible, action plan! This is an essential process, requiring a combination of idealism, as well as pragmatism! Nothing, meaningful, happens, without this mind – set, and approach!

If you hope to be a real leader, it’s not enough to merely, be idealistic, unless/ until, you do so, in a way, where meaningful change, is possible, using a pragmatic analysis! Are you up to this task?

Source by Richard Brody

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